Finding Effective Solutions For Your Financial Crisis

Debt has a way of overwhelming your life. What may start as a few late or missed bill payments may turn into thousands of dollars of credit card debt, unpaid mortgage bills, medical expenses, and more.

At Idaho Bankruptcy Law, we can help you reclaim your financial life by offering you the legal guidance and assistance you need to find the most effective debt relief option available to you.

paul_ross_idaho_bankruptcy_attorney_7829_01Attorney Paul N. J. Ross

Founding lawyer, Paul N. J. Ross, has dedicated his legal career to helping individuals find effective debt relief since 2009. He graduated with his undergraduate degree from Utah State University and with his juris doctor from Oklahoma City University. Paul started in Oklahoma with a limited license and assisted numerous clients through Chapters 7 & 13. Paul returned to his native Idaho and has expanded his bankruptcy practice into Chapters 11 & 12. Paul has filed over 200 bankruptcy cases and treats each case with compassion and dignity. If you find yourself in debt, you may spend a great deal of time and effort worrying over your financial situation. Working with Paul may be the right choice for you to get a fresh start on your financial future.

STOP Creditor Harassment

Filing a bankruptcy imposes a court ordered stop on all attempts to collect debt from you.  This is very broad and far reaching, even to stopping the reporting of debts on your credit.  Creditors cannot do anything without permission while the bankruptcy imposed stay is in place.

STOP Repossessions

Depending on the type of bankruptcy, we can even get some items back that have been repossessed.  If you are facing a likely repossession of property in the near future, bankruptcy can assist in helping you keep the collateral.  In some circumstances, we can even change the account balance and interest rate on repayment.

STOP Wage Garnishments

As mentioned above, the court ordered stay will stop collection activities, including garnishments.  Depending on the debt and circumstances, these garnishment activities will not restart when the bankruptcy is over.

STOP Foreclosures

Oftentimes individuals fall behind on home payments due to various circumstances.  Bankruptcy can provide an opportunity to reorganize debt, plan for the future, and by court order get a debt current on payments again.  With enough planning time, bankruptcy court is a powerful tool in overcoming default notices and pending foreclosure activities.

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