Federal bankruptcy law is written to permit everyone an opportunity to file bankruptcy.  There are no minimums in debt, no maximums of income, but there are a number of things to consider in Idaho.  Not everyone needs a bankruptcy.  It is a frequent occurrence that we do consultations with a number of people who really do not need to or should not file bankruptcy.

The current bankruptcy code as modified in 2005 was written by Congress to make it more difficult to file bankruptcy.  Most people still qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy as they did before 2005, there are just more document requirements.  Those who have assets to protect, have extra income, or simply wish to repay some of their creditors may file a Chapter 13.

Bankruptcy is not a one size fits all.  That is why a consultation is a must.  Many factors will change the recommendations on whether you file a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.  There are even the Chapter 11 and Chapter 12 options for businesses and farmers.

These questions can only be answered after a full consultation with a competent attorney.

A consultation will give you the basic road-map of a bankruptcy.

A consultation will provide you with the pros and cons of bankruptcy for your circumstances.

A consultation will tell you whether you should even file bankruptcy or not.

A consultation will explain to you how to prepare for a bankruptcy filing for maximum protection of your property and rights and perhaps your family.

A consultation will help you understand the costs of a bankruptcy and potential fees that arise later in a case.
A consultation will address your questions on a myriad of questions.  These questions could be related to credit rebuilding, future retirement planning, what to expect in loan acquisition in the near future, and whatever else may be concerning to you.

Please schedule a consultation to find out whether bankruptcy is a viable option for you.